What makes a “Buyer’s Agent” different?

The difference is representation. Let’s say you drive past a home you’re interested in, and then you call the listing agent off the sign or flyer; did you know it’s their fiduciary duty to get the highest price possible for the seller and represnt their best interest? The law says that they CAN represent both parties however in THIS market where buyers want the BEST deal possible, that doesn’t happen unless you have an agent who is sole agent for you, working as hard as possible to get you the lowest price or most favorable terms. Typically the total commission for the transaction is set by the listing agent, then split in some fashion with the Buyer’s Agent (BAC). So this means there is NO COST to you to have your own representation. At the Mannila Besaw Group, we have 3 Buyer’s Agents who can work for you, please let us know if you think this blog is helping you navigate the changing market we are in!

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