“Waiting For the Bottom?”

Some prospective buyers are concerned about buying because they’re waiting for the “bottom”. This generally causes a missed opportunity! To truly know when the bottom has hit, you have to be looking in the rear view mirror, because that means prices are already on the way back up. At that point, you’ve missed it. In order to be comfortable, buyers need to know that the bad times are over, but by waiting, you’re likely buying 6-12 months AFTER the bottom. This means nobody can feel comfortable AND hit the bottom, they’re mutually exclusive. If you’re looking for a quick flip, the bottom timing is critical, however most buyers will stay in their homes for 5-7 years, so that means that the most important factors are finding a home you love AND getting a great loan product. If you’ve been waiting for the bottom, know that right now we’re so close that you still have great negotiating power, especially this close to the holidays. If you are a student of building wealth, you’ll know that “buy low sell high”is a basic economic model for the stock market AND REAL ESTATE. At the Mannila Besaw team we have access to great short sale listings (some real “deals”), and be sure to inquire about our auction program.

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