Scott Cruikshank Central Oregon real estate broker.

Scott Cruikshank

Real Estate Broker

Hello, my name is Scott Cruikshank and this is my story:

I’ve been married to my wonderful wife Janae for over 25 years. I’m also a father of 4 great children: Josiah, Abigail, Jael, and Lydia.

I’m a social engineer; I excel at connecting people in personal and professional relationships. This referral process grows to help people in human flourishing. This is especially important in Real Estate when working with many productive Brokers, Lenders, & Escrow Officers to be able to close a transaction in a timely and seamless manner. The goal is for you (the client) to be comfortable and confident in the sale/purchase of your home.

I aim to be altruistic with everyone I meet because it truly is better to give than to receive.

In many ways, I’m like a farmer; I cast conversations with people like seed and have the privilege of watching relationships grow right before my eyes.

Growing up in Prineville, the Les Schwab business ethic runs through my veins where I run out to serve clients to find out what’s most important to them.

I’m like a dog with a bone; I possess an intense business focus during the escrow transaction process to best serve clients. You may find someone more talented or winsome, but I challenge you to find someone who has more loyal persistence.

Central Oregon Living exists to serve clients in creating memories with loved ones where they live.

If my story resonates with you and a Real Estate goal, contact me, and let’s get to work … together!