Jen Pfeffer Central Oregon real estate broker.

Jen Pfeffer

Real Estate Broker

Not many people are lucky enough to wake up every day and work a job that they love! I do… I get to meet people from all walks of life. I listen and truly get to know them. I pride myself on my level of customer service. I treat my clients the same as I would treat my family. I advise them and educate them so that they are confident in making their home buying or home selling decisions. I am proud to say that a lot of my clients end up being good friends through the process. I’ve been a realtor since 2006 and survived the real estate downfall. I even suffered a financial loss as a homeowner in that downfall, but it just helped me shape my business into what it is today by learning from my own personal experiences in investing in real estate and adapting my approach to helping my clients in similar situations. I love helping people and I love the relationships I build in doing a job I love!