How Do You Find Those AWESOME Deals?

For the 6 of us on the Mannila Besaw team, we get this question all the time. The important thing that most people don’t realize is that you need to have an “in” to be privy to the best “deals”. If you understand that most of these NEVER hit the RMLS, then you’ll know why having an agent as your advocate to bird dog these deals is so critical. These types of listings are called “pocket listings” and most times never make it to the MLS. Here’s an example of one of our pocket listings that our team just closed: the homeowner needed to sell this house quickly, so before it even got put in the MLS we posted it on Craigslist for a quick close price. We got a buyer call the next day, showed it that night and wrote up an offer, which was accepted the next day. Since it was a cash deal we closed it the following business day. The seller was happy to have such a quick turn around and the buyer was happy to find such a great deal& have approximately $50,000-$70,000 of instant equity! If you’re looking for a “deal”, you may want to inquire about our other “pocket listings” or our auction program. Our auction program enables a prequalified financed home buyer to snag amazing deals at public auction. Our goal is to keep finding ways to help our buyers “FIND THOSE AWESOME DEALS!”

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