Dream Makers Grant for military first-time homebuyers!

The Dream Makers Program offers grants for down payments to first-time home buyers of modest means who valiantly work to protect our country’s national security.

You don’t have to be a Pentagon Federal Credit Union member to benefit from Dream Makers, and you can apply the grant to a mortgage from any financial institution.

How Do I Qualify?

You’re eligible for a Dream Makers grant if:

  1. You’re Military (Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard or Veteran), a Department of Defense employee or a Department of Homeland Security employee.
  2. You’re a first-time home buyer, or you have not owned a home for the last three years, or you have lost your home through divorce or disaster.
  3. The gross household income, including allowances, that you use to qualify for your mortgage loan is:
    • A maximum of $55,000 per year, or
    • A maximum of 80% of your community’s median income based on your family size

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