Do Not Assume All Fixtures, Personal Property, and Appliances, Are Included in a Sale

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One reason sellers prepare and stage their homes for sale is so buyers can imagine themselves living there. It can be difficult for buyers who are emotionally involved with the home to picture what the place will look like after the sellers move out.

Dian Hymer with Inman News has shared with us some valuable advice that could make your home purchase process a lot smoother for everyone involved.  Make sure that you are clear on which items stay with the home and which do not.

To avoid after-closing problems, make sure that your purchase contract is clear about what stays with the house and what does not. Real estate law and custom vary from one area to the next. Ask your agent for help if you have any question about what’s included in the sale and what is not.

The multiple listing service (MLS) can provide some information. For instance, if there are washer and dryer hookups only, then the washer and dryer are not included in the sale unless otherwise specified in writing in the purchase agreement.

To be enforceable, real estate contracts must be in writing. Verbal agreements to sell real estate aren’t binding. The MLS is the Realtors’ listings of homes for sale and an offer to cooperate with other agents in procuring a buyer. It is not a contract between the buyers and seller.

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