Cannon Beach has Oregon’s priciest homes

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The highest priced homes in Oregon are on our beloved Oregon Coast, in the charming town of Cannon Beach.  The median home value of $638,200 is the highest in the entire state and ranks 501st of 14,214 cities, towns, villages and census-designated places with populations above 1,000, as studied by the Business Journals’ On Numbers blog.

In an article in today’s Portland Business Journal, Eric Siemers reports that the median is the midpoint — higher than the values of half of all local homes and lower than the other half.  The upper quartile is the price ceiling for three-quarters of those same houses.

Million-dollar homes are commonplace in 126 communities across the nation, ranging from Alamo, Calif., and Alpine, N.J., to Winnetka, Ill., and Yarrow Point, Wash.

Not so in Oregon, where Cannon Beach is the only city that comes close with an upper-quartile house value reaching $957,200.

Coming in second among Oregon cities is Lake Oswego, with a median house value of $525,700 and an upper-quartile value of $727,200.

Close behind is Raleigh Hills ($490,500 median, $666,300 upper quartile), Cedar Mill ($470,600 median, $666,000 upper quartile) and Happy Valley ($475,600 median, $645,300 upper quartile).

Read the complete On Numbers report here and the complete Business Journal article here.

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