Budget-Friendly Home Remodeling and Decorating Tips

Remodeling and redecorating can give a fresh new look and feel to your home, and they don’t have to break the bank.  Crystal at Money Saving Mom has shared some excellent project tips that can be completed on a budget.

1. Don’t be afraid to DIY.

You can learn how to do just about anything with the help of Google and a healthy spirit of adventure.

The pros don’t have any magical powers. They have better tools, but you can rent those. They have more knowledge, but you can find that online. And they have more experience, but you’ll get that quickly. There’s probably a certain level of ignorance-is-bliss necessary to get you started, but you can do it.

2. Coupon!

Lowe’s and Home Depot accept competitor coupons, and you can buy 10% and 20% off coupons for either store on eBay.

3. Shop with Gift Cards

If you know you have a big purchase ahead – for example, a large appliance – find the best deal, then buy a gift card for that retailer before you make the purchase. Home Depot and Lowe’s gift cards on eBay regularly sell for about 80 – 90 percent of the value, so you can save lots of cash by putting a little time and forethought into your purchases.

4. Work With Your Budget

Before buying an expensive piece from a designer retailer, ask if you can make something like it yourself.

5. Have some vision.

Shop for furniture at yard sales and thrift shops, then spruce it up to make it your own. There are some incredible furniture pieces with beautiful lines at yard sales for next to nothing, just waiting to for a little lovin’. A quick sand and paint job can turn them around completely and give them character and class.

6. Avoid expensive matchy furniture sets.

You don’t need matching furniture to have a beautiful home. Take a look at the most beautifully designed rooms online and in magazines: they almost always have a collected feel. You’ll rarely see identical end tables or matching sofas and loveseats. The more collected your house feels, the more personality it has.

7. Go slowly, and pay with cash.

I might be preaching to the choir once again! Yes, using cash takes a bit longer but allows you to enjoy the fruits of your labor without worrying about how you’ll ever pay the bill later.

Read the entire article here.  Thanks, Money Saving Mom!

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