Add Some Holiday Charm to Your Listing

Decorating your home during this festive season can add holiday charm and help it feel festive and inviting to potential buyers.  It is important, however, to be sure you don’t overdo the holiday cheer, as too much décor can be distracting and even annoying to a buyer who might otherwise be interested in your home.

Melissa Dittman Tracey at has some great tips on holiday staging. Some of them include:

1. Don’t overdo the holiday cheer.

When Santas start to outnumber the rooms in the house, you may want to start being more selective in what you display.

2. Add splashes of holiday colors.

How about some holiday red? Psychology research on color responses has shown that warm colors, such as red, can increase excitement and energy in those viewing it. Pops of seasonal colors — such as red or green — add festive cheer to a home too and can be as simple as just adding a red everyday throw to the sofa or adding poinsettias throughout the home.

3. Stage for the senses.

Get buyers in the mood with some holiday music and the smell of Christmas filling the home. Christmas music — mixed with holiday scents — has been shown to boost people’s attitudes in retail stores and increase their likelihood of wanting to visit them.

4. Keep the tree simple, yet elegant.

The Christmas tree will likely be your biggest decor piece so it needs to make a statement.

5. Give a holiday impression from the curb.

You needn’t be able to view your outdoor holiday lights from space, Clark Griswold, to show your holiday spirit. Twinkling clear, white lights (preferably non-blinking) tend to be the favorite among staging and real estate professionals for classy holiday curb appeal that adds a glow to your listings at night.

6. Remove decor after the holidays.

As Wallitsch tells her clients: “If you are feeling a little cheated this holiday season by not putting all of your beloved holiday treasures around your house, focus on the reason that you placed your home on the market and keep your eyes on that goal. Next year when you are comfortably settled into your new home, you can go all out with the holiday cheer.”

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