15 Tips to Help Sell Your Home

When I list a client’s property for sale, I am almost always asked the question, “What can I do to help sell this house?”  Following is a list I put together of some tips to quickly and easily increase the marketability of your home.

1.        Tidy up the outside of the home, including the porch, garage, driveway, and other outdoor features.  Keep the lawn trimmed and edge, and make sure your yard is clear of debris.

2.       Pay special attention to the front door, as it is the first thing a buyer sees while their realtor is opening the lockbox or unlocking the door.  Make sure it is clean and welcoming.

3.       Clean blinds or launder curtains.  Windows attract the eyes, and their coverings should be clean.

4.       Make the kitchen and bathroom sparkle.  A fresh coat of paint or some inexpensive decorations can make all the difference.

5.       Remove all hazards, such as items that can be tripped over or clutter blocking stairs or hallways.

6.       Check all light fixtures to make sure bulbs are working, and replace any that are burned out.

7.       Use attractive linens and spreads on beds.  It is not necessary to purchase expensive linen sets, but using spreads, pillows, and blankets that match and look nice can make the         bedroom feeling warm and cozy.

8.       Keep pets out of the way.  Some clients are annoyed by animals in the home, and the ones who aren’t are distracted by them, diverting their attention away from their surroundings.

9.       During the inspection, avoid having too many people in the home.  This will likely make the buyer feel like an intruder, causing them to hurry through the home.

10.    Leave all house showings up to the realtor.  Realtors know the buyer’s requirements, know how to emphasize the features of your home, and will call you if needed.

11.    Do not discuss the sale of your home with the buyer.  Leave all discussions concerning price, terms, possession, and other sale factors to the realtors.  Realtors are qualified to bring negations to the best possible conclusion.

12.    Keep your home smelling fresh and clean.  Open windows when you are home to allow fresh air to flow through, and use room scent products lightly, if at all.  An overly-perfumed home can be irritating to the buyer and can also give the impression that an odor problem is being masked.

13.    Never apologize for the appearance of your home or point out imperfections.

14.    Do not sell furniture, window coverings, or other items to the buyer before the sale is complete.

15.    Your house does not have to be immaculate at every moment, but keeping dishes clean and out of the sink, clothes put away, and newspapers, magazines, and other items, stacked and organized makes all the difference.


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